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Food & Drink Intolerance Test

Jessica Wagner


YorkTest Laboratories Food & Drink Scan Review

Ever wonder how what you eat affects your body? A couple months ago I participated in the YorkTest Laboratories Food & Drink Intolerance Test with shocking results. The test promised to pinpoint foods that may be causing migraines, bloating, skin issues or fatigue.

The actual test is a finger-prick blood test. It scans 208 food and drink ingredients to identify food triggers such as gluten, dairy, eggs or wheat. You’ll receive your kit via mail and then send it back to the lab. I had my results within 10 days. York Test also provides two 30-minute consultations with their nutritional therapists.

I will admit - I was not expecting to have so many BIG intolerances! I was thankful they provided a supporting guidebook and a food and drink diary to help along the way. According to York Test 89% of customers saw an improvement in their symptoms within a month of removing their problem foods.

As for me, I have not been able to completely eliminate the foods that showed an intolerance yet… Not even close really. It’s going to be a bigger deal than I ever imagined. Mostly I’m not ready to give up some of the foods that showed up on my results.

My York Test Results


I was terrified when I saw some of my favorite foods show up in the red column as having an intolerance to! Eggs and yeast are a big part of my regular diet. The borderline foods were just as shocking. Avocado, chocolate and wine! You guys. I could live off of these three! During my consultation the nutritionist recommended to try and do one food at a time (for example starting with yeast which would probably be the most difficult.) She also said to try and drink organic wine if I must. Ha. To be honest, I shed a few tears! I am not a great cook and most of my meals are not planned out. I tried to go without yeast for a day or two and failed miserably. A few friends said to talk to a nutritionist or my dr. before taking things to the next step. I was worried if I wasn't eating enough, I would actually have worse symptoms than if I just ate the foods that contained the yeast or eggs.

I would still like to pursue the elimination diet further. I found my results SO interesting but as far as completely participating in the elimination, I haven’t found the time to start. I also have not noticed a huge difference when I eat the foods that showed up. If I had some avocado I watched for symptoms… I could not say for sure if I felt any of the telltale fatigue or bloating.

According to the nutritionist you can reintroduce the foods after 3 months, so this is not forever, but I think you also need to be mentally and physically prepared to commit, not only a new diet, but to a new lifestyle. You also need the time to dedicate to planning your day around your meals, and investing more time into researching foods you can eat and your grocery routine.

Overall it has made me pay more attention to what I eat. Avoiding avocado is an easier one, although heartbreaking. (GUAC!) The killer is wine and chocolate. I mean… my two joys in life! As for the eggs and yeast I would love to try and eliminate yeast over eggs (I love me some eggs - especially for breakfast.) I was shocked at how limited my diet would be if I followed through. It’s an eventual goal and I still have my own research to put into it. I get migraines - but I think they are more stress and weather related. I get bloated - and admit what I ingest causes that feeling. As for skin issues - I do have some skin problems that have been seeing a dermatologist for and while I’m sure certain foods can cause a flare up, I don’t think they can be the sole cause. Fatigue… this one’s tricky for me. I think this would be the biggest push for me to try and do the elimination. I would do *almost* anything to increase my energy levels. Thank goodness coffee wasn’t on my results!

I would recommend the York Test based on the ease for sure! It was super simple. As far as the support after the test, my consultation was with a new nutritionist and I was her first call! She was helpful in some ways but I you could tell I was her first call… I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at the idea of only being able to eat such a small portion of foods for 3 months. I don’t know how I felt about some of the recommendations. Such as supplements. Also yeast is major. If was to truly eliminate it she said not to eat certain fruits that contain high yeast and some other foods that I was hoping I could still eat. I was scared that I would not be able to live off of just salad and chicken. (But no salad dressing because most of them contain yeast!) Also did you know eggs are in sooooo many ingredients and foods? I think I would need a larger support system to get through it.

I am happy to know what foods might be triggers and will keep you all updated if I make progress to the next steps!

I am working on a video sharing my experience taking the York Test, it will be posted soon! In the meantime, you can see more on my Instagram in “Highlights” sharing everything from taking to test to receiving my results here.

Have you ever taken a food intolerance test? What are you food allergies or intolerances? Have you ever done a food elimination? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Pearly Whites: My Favorite Classic

Jessica Wagner

cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush + Giveaway 

Get ready to SMILE!! I know SO many people who feel self-conscious about their teeth/mouth. No one should be hiding back a smile due to lack of confidence! If you are looking for an overall oral care solution, Smile Brilliant will give you the tools you need to show off your pearly whites and SMILE FEARLESSLY.  

You might remember a while back when I shared about my experience with Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system here. (Still using it - and it’s still working brilliantly for me!) They now offer a newly released simple to use and waterproof Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush that I’ve been issuing the last 2-3 weeks and it’s amazing! So amazing in fact, I am hosting a giveaway so be sure to enter >>> here <<< for a chance to win one of your own! Or you can get 20% off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes now with code: weekenderafashion20

I am one of those nerds who loves to brush their teeth, and if it’s possible this toothbrush has upped that level of enjoyment. #NERDALERT I will also share as I SMH (shake my head) - that I have never enjoyed flossing! (It used to be so bad - I’ve gotten much better, but especially when the kids were really little, it was a part of self-care that got overlooked and by-passed by out of sheer exhaustion.)

I have been using a regular old toothbrush lately, and haven’t used an electronic brush in years. I think the last one I tried was an Oral B with a rotating brush head. It was ok, and once the batteries died I never bothered to replace it. 

A little history - I recently went to get my teeth cleaned and found out I have a gene for receding gum lines. Which means I need to give them extra care. Since having kids my mouth has never been the same! I dealt with bleeding gums both of my pregnancies, and know my oral care requires a little extra attention to keep my mouth feeling fresh and looking brilliant. I’m 33 and find it more important than ever to be part of the “clean mouth club.” I’ve never been the most dedicated flosser, which might be the source of some of my past issues, and while this will NOT replace flossing, the cariPRO Ultrasonic does get a deeper clean than your ordinary toothbrush. 

So here’s my thoughts - Smile Brilliant is next level! I love how clean my mouth feels after using it. Like I expect a little bell to chime when I smile, and sparkle a tooth *glint! One of my favorite features is that is holds a charge for 30 days, so you’re NOT cluttering up your bathroom counter with extra gadgets. The neat freak in me loves how compact it is - just a charger and the brush and you can replace the brush heads when you need to.

The CariPRO comes with 5 settings {clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive} so you can choose the mode that feels best with your mouth and meets you needs. I found the clean setting a little intense at first, it tickled, so I love that I can lower the pulse and intensity. I since have gotten more used to using it on high and it’s become more comfortable when I keep my mouth more closed while brushing. There is a sensitive option, plus one for gum care which is what my dentist recommended for my gum lines.

I don’t have perfectly straight teeth and my bottom teeth actually overlap a bit. (My “trouble area” for flossing, that I lie about when I get a teeth cleaning sayin, “oh yes I floss and every morning and night…”) The brush is able to get into the tiny places my regular brush can’t. You all know thatElectronic coated feeling after a cup of coffee or a guilty-pleasure soda - I usually want to spend extra long brushing to get a clean feeling. The CariPRO will remove more surface stains from everyday food and drink, giving you a noticeably brighter smile. They promise it removes up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and will improve gum health in as little as 2 weeks!!

With cariPRO it’s no extra time needed - get in there and brush like you always do and feel ready to smile (or get close to a friend without apologizing for bad breath) with confidence!

Overall, cariPRO is an amazing, and AFFORDABLE option if you are looking to elevate  your teeth cleaning, and comes with the same features as the highest quality electric toothbrush on the market. I’m honestly in love with my new CariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush. My teeth have never felt cleaner and brighter!


Did you know the average woman smiles 62 times a day? You want to make sure your smile is the healthiest it can be, so be sure to enter my Smile Brilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush GIVEAWAY for a chance to win an toothbrush of your own! Can’t wait? Use code weekenderafashion20 and get 20% off now!


Outfit Details:
Plush Robe: Target

What kind of toothbrush do you use? Do you ever feel self-conscious about your mouth or oral hygiene? Have you ever used an electronic or ultrasonic toothbrush? I’d love to hear more abut your experiences in the comments below!

Customize Your Hair Care

Jessica Wagner


Shampoo & Conditioner Just For You + Giveaway

I love when technology and beauty care combine! The journey to healthy hair is now completely customizable right down to the ingredients and scent! FORMULATE has designed a new way to care for your locks by breaking down the details that make your hair unique to you. Based on your profile, FORMULATE chemists create the perfect shampoo and conditioner just for you. If are you aren’t satisfied with your current hair care, this might be the answer to all you problems! Head to the bottom of this post for a chance to win a set of your own customized shampoo and conditioner. 

I was lucky enough to be part of the Formulate Co. launch team. It’s no secret I like to experiment with beauty products and hair care. While I have a few hair care brands that I love, this experience has been unlike any other!

I was drawn in by the idea that everything from your specific hair type (mine is very straight and fine,) to your environment - where you reside, such as climate and region, and even what water you wash with - is all taken into consideration when mixing a formula to help you achieve your personal #hairgoals.

Back in October I tried my first round of customized shampoo/conditioner. For something of this nature I like to give a product time to review, and in this case after a month I was struggling because I ended up disappointed with my results.


My first issue was strictly a personal thing - but I really did NOT like the scent I choose. It was overpowering. It I choose "Green With Envy" (green tea, honey) and even in light strength it gave me a headache. I later found out this is one of their stronger scents. I am super picky when it comes to scent and probably should have asked my rep first or used their live chat box, but I just found it too "floral" for whatever reason. While this is just a personal thing - that’s exactly what getting to create a custom shampoo is all about!

The second issue I had was with my results. I have fine hair and found the shampoo & conditioner weighed it down, leaving it feeling like it had a "waxy" coating on it. It didn't feel soft, bouncy or moisturized, but rather limp, and flat... I was so sad to find this, and kept giving it a try to see if it was just "a bad hair day" or the time of year/change of seasons. After some more experimenting, I decided it was due to my formulate mix and we decided to give it another go after sharing my initial feedback with the team.


I was 100% up to “ re-formulating” to seeing if we could come up with the right mix. I also made sure to ask what was the lightest scent and choose “Tidal” which has a light warm coconut vibe. (I absolutely LOVE it and am so happy we found a scent that worked for me!) If you aren’t a coconut fan it’s more of a “sea” vibe. Very fresh and subtle.


As for my mix I love that they provide you a full detailed list of ingredients. All formulas are sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, preservative free and curtly free! Yay! I’ve been using this new FORMULATE combo all of January. I actually also chopped my hair chin length on new year’s day! It was a month of change! Since using my new mix I love how soft and manageable my hair has been. This time of year my hair is notoriously dry at the ends and greasy at the root. I feel like it sends my oil glands into overdrive! Since using FORMULATE my hair has been holding fabulous curl, looks effortless when I air dry and even sleek when I blow dry it straight. It actually feels the healthiest it’s ever been! I’ve never had more hair-confidence! It’s voluminous and glossy. Part of this is due to cutting off my damaged dead ends, but I can tell how thick and healthy my hair feels! My long hair was always in a tangle out of the shower and in the mornings - I can’t say it’s one or the other, but there have actually been a few days that I don't even need to brush my my hair it it’s so buttery smooth! Buh-bye tangles. My #hairgoals were to mend split ends, prevent thinning, strengthen, protect my color, and support length! I would say all of these goals are being met. I naturally have brown, fine super straight hair that leans oily at the scalp and dry at the ends. Also included in their survey is scalp sensitivity - and I am not sensitive in this department, and have not had any negative reactions to either mix. When I originally took the quiz I had long hair - so the only difference I would include for my next order would be that it’s now short. Other than that, you use the shampoo and conditioner exactly as you would any other. Wet your hair, work the mix into your scalp and rise, following up with conditioner on the ends of your hair and rinse with cool water. Easy!

While I am still a fan of New Wash (you can read about it here - as my family still uses it regularly.) I also had success with Monat, which is a hair care brand I’d been using since summer and love and use a lot of their styling products. I would also still recommend the affordable luxury Target brand Kristin Ess to anyone who will listen! But, what I found with FORMULATE is how awesome it is to meet my specific needs down to the littlest details. Let me know if you all have any questions!


Beauty care is a personal thing and now you can completely customize yours! Enter here to win your very own set of FORMULATE shampoo & conditioner perfectly engineered just for you based on your hair and environment. (Thank you technology!) Visit the link to enter! Good luck! Contest ends 3/5/19 and all non-winning entries will all receive a $5 off coupon code.

If you are interested in trying out a set of your own, there is a survey that will help narrow down what you need based on your responses. Give them a follow on Instagram here to stay up to date on the latest!