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A fashion blog about weekend style


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Le Beret

Jessica Wagner

Mon Chérie 

Let’s be French! My favorite accessory for when I want to feel a bit of an escape is a classic wool beret. (As seen here.) Tipped to one side, with a slight bit of jaunty attitude. 

These cold days have me longing for adventure, and right now the closest thing to that is dressing a bit overconfidently for a foggy morning trip to the donut shop. 

Thinking about trying a beret this winter? There are so many color options out there to choose from, and at a variety of price points. This one I’ve had for so long it’s practically vintage. I found this pale pink one on Amazon here. It was inexpensive, so a perfect option if you want to experiment with this femme look. (As seen here.)


While it might seem an intimidating accessory, the easiest way to style this classic is with confidence. Try not to puff it up too much on top, or it will look a bit like a muffin. On the other end, you also don’t want it too flat, like a pancake. Style some hair around your face, to keep it soft.

While this look is trending, I’ve always loved the playful anything-but-under-the-radar feel of it. While dressing for the weekend sometimes makes for lazy tees and joggers - leopard spots, a big red bow, high-rise jeans (last seen here) and mega babe boots make for a perfect combo when trying to break free from the heaviness of winter and have a little fun, even if you have to create it yourself. 

If you can’t have a weekend adventure, accept the grand adventure of being you {with a French hat or maybe just some french fries.}

Outfit Details:
Top: Urban Outfitters TRULY MADLY DEEPLY DOUBLE ICONS TEE Jeans: H&M Hat: Free People Du Jour Beret Shoes: Old (Similar here) Coat: Old (Similar here) Glasses: Free People Bow: Free People Cup: Starbucks Reusable Travel Cup


Une Femme Libre

Jessica Wagner

Ice Shove : A Free Woman On Top of The World

With the Women's March happening this weekend, it seemed like a good time remind the world THE FUTURE IS FEMALE! I am all-in for supporting female empowerment with this sporty tee by L’ecole Des Femmes. It's a stretchy cotton-blend with bold red graphics that will help you practice your French - “a free woman.”

I seriously felt the part scaling the giant wall of ice that formed this week in Port Clinton, Ohio during the perfect mix of wind and temps that created an "ice shove." Some piles were up to 40 feet high! 

This shoot might be my favorite cold-weather adventure we've ever had. It was incredible to explore these gigantic forms on Lake Erie at our favorite summer spot. I’ve been visiting this place since I was a little kid. It was so surreal to see the beach transformed into a frozen arctic wall. 


I'm more of a warm weather adventurer but my wanderlust kicked in when we saw the scale and magnitude of the natural ice forms. We knew it was worth bundling up the kids and driving out before the temps transform them back into puddles.

Of course I was embarrassing the kids and singing "Frozen" at the top of my lungs - {let it gooo!!!} like a kid myself. ;)

It was almost 40 degrees out which made it extra slippery, so I was nervous letting the kids scoot around on the ice, but at least 60+ people were also out and about taking photos, sliding down the ice walls and enjoying the sunshine. I'm so happy we got to explore the phenomenon in person.  

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.
— Unknown

I am so proud of what women everywhere have accomplished this year. Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

field guide.jpg

Outfit Details:
Top: Urban Outfitters L'ecole Des Femmes Une Femme Libre Tee Bottoms: Old, similar here and here Boots: Old, also love these here and here Sunglasses: Amazon Cat Eye Vintage Mod Hat: Similar here Socks: Madewell Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger


Nautical Winter White

Jessica Wagner

Maritime Chic: Fisherman Fashion

Navy and white will always look chic, especially when set against sandy dune-backed beaches. 

When planning for a winter seaside escape, go for modern maritime with sleek lines and clean details. 

We took advantage of a warm front last weekend and spent the day exploring near the shore. The beach was pretty much our own deserted island. Enchanted, we chased seagulls and gathered shells (and had multiple heart attacks when the kids tried to dip into the freezing water and climb the craggy rocks.)

Draw inspiration from the sea, with a captain’s fisherman hat and a chunky knit pullover that will keep you warm, with minimal effort. 

A thick cream cable knit is one of those items every closet should have. Irish Celtic lore originally inspired fisherman or Aran sweaters. The cable stitch is said to resemble a fisherman’s knot or rope, representing safety and good luck at sea. The sweater’s traditional cream color comes from bawneen or un-dyed wool. With its soft almost golden hue and beautiful knots and loops, a hand-knit Aran sweater has become a kind of mascot of the Irish islands, and classic American wardrobe piece. (J.Crew

When shopping for a fishermen style sweater, look for a one that is tightly knit, heavyweight and in a natural shade. I guarantee just sliding one on will make you feel stronger and studier.

When imitating this look mix with a few preppy touches, like this Brixton cap. Add a structured bag and understated makeup (a love of lobster, anchors and sailing doesn’t hurt either.) Layering with a navy coat (this one last seen here) and other warm details, like lace-up ankle boots and thick knit socks. Balance out the chunky cable with skinny jeans.

There is no better time than the middle of winter to snuggle deep into a sweater that will never go out of style. Plus, any excuse to add a few nautical-inspired pieces to your wardrobe. 

Outfit Details:
Coat: Anthropologie Fayette Trench (similar here, also love this one) Top: Ralph Lauren (similar here) Bottoms: Old Navy Mid-rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans Bright White Hat: Brixton (similar here and  here) Bag: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here) Shoes: White Mountain Foxhole Boot Lips: Anthropologie Albeit Rosewood Nails: Formula X Pacific Haze