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A fashion blog about weekend style


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Vintage Rose

Jessica Wagner

Shades Of Blush

If there is one thing I can't resist it’s a rose gold shade of dusty pink (and a badass feminist top.)

Besides black, white and navy, there are a few color schemes I constantly gravitate towards. Bold orange-reds. Vibrant or muted yellows. Cool shades of pale blue. And vintage pink. 


Of course, these are the shades that easily mix and match – constants in any wardrobe that fall into the “neutral” category.  Then there are others that speak.

There are shades that can instantly lift a mood. When simply wearing a color makes you feel good, it better become a regular.

For the last couple years my absolute favorite hue to wear is blush pink. (I know, groundbreaking.) It’s become ever so popular among Millennials, but I love it because of this. Plus, it makes it easy to find. (Hence, the top, the watch, the beret and the shoes!)

Also, if you like my JORD Wood Watch (I've been lusting after one since Rob got his) you can get 25% off to any watch site-wide here.

When dressing, colors can represents an idea – or makes a statement on their own.

Dusty, pale-pink a symbol of romantic love. Maybe it’s a matter of opinion, but in color psychology pink is a sign of hope. It’s a positive, full of warmth and comfort. A color of feeling. Youthful. Feminine. It can read playful, cute, or charming even, but I have come to find it also represents a strength --a banner for the power of female.

My blush femme tee already feels like an old trusty friend. I remember growing up my favorite shirt was a sort of ugly üuber soft worn-out baseball tee of my dads. That's what this reminds me of. Even though this babe is new, she is a plain pink power player full of nostalgia. It’s my favorite on rotation right now. Women, you know what I’m saying. I am all about lifting up my fellow females. She is a shout out to my suffragists who fought before me for their right to vote, and advanced causes for birth control, civil rights and economic equality. The fight we are still fighting. We need gender equality, protection for immigrants, minorities, LGBTQ rights and access to women’s health services, and so much more.

Maybe it’s in my color, but it’s also in my persuasion.

Pink speaks softly. Clearly. Loudly. Strongly. 

Speaking of pink, did you notice the subtle embroidery below my jeans pocket? I had to have these straight leg mom-jeans when I saw the hard-worn details. And raw-edge hems and if you get close enough you will know – girls bite back. 


Outfit Details:
Top: Verbena Feminist Tee Sweater: Old (similar here) Bottoms: H&M Straight Jeans "Girls Bite Back" Shoes: Forever 21 Knotted Bow Flats (on sale!) Basket: Free People Sunglasses: DIFF Charitable Eyewear Hat: Free People Du Jour Beret in Pink Pearl Watch: JORD Cassia - Walnut & Vintage Rose c/o

Receive an instant 25% off gift code to JORD WOOD WATCHES HERE.  
Codes expire December 19th. 


What colors seem to dominate your wardrobe? What do you think that says about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

JORD Wood Watch

Jessica Wagner

The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time. 
— JORD Wood Watches

Engraving Memories With JORD

Ok guys, I am so excited to share this awesome timepiece giveaway just in time for Father's Day

JORD Wood Watches and I have teamed up to give away one $100 gift card towards a watch of your choice! Just for entering you will receive a $25 credit to their website. It's a win/win! Free money babes! Gifting one of these special watches is sure to gain you brownie points with the men in your life  - whether it be a husband, fiancé, boyfriend, brother, or father.

Anyone can enter to win by clicking here

When JORD  (pronounced YODE) contacted us, we immediately fell in love with their DOVER Series - Olive & Acacia ( here) for it's light color, steel face, deeply grained acacia and velvet olive wood. JORD makes luxury, one-of-a-kind wooden watches and uses raw materials - which gives their timepieces a natural and refined design. We also felt they looked very "hipster" which is the method we use to judge most things. The more hipster the better.  :)

Besides looking dapper on the wrist, this watch looks SO cool up-close! You can see the inner mechanics through it's open-glass face view. Modern and simple - my favorite combination when it comes to style (and my man.)

JORD offers custom engraving and sizing, and we took advantage of both. Rob's watch arrived and fit perfectly. The watch comes in a gorgeous wooden box, with a little drawer for extra links and finishing oil for care and conditioning. You guys know I'm all about presentation - this watch just reads fancy! Everything from the packaging, to the engraving, colors and craftsmanship was above and beyond. It would make a spectacular gift for upcoming Father's Day, anniversary or just because. They also make women's watches, and I have my eye on this CORA Series - Zebrawood & Rosé one here (hint, hint Rob!) You can shop their women's selection here.

For our personalization we wanted something fun - (I told you guys this is the year of the funk!) While I love the idea of meaningful dates and initials, we wanted this watch to remind us to keep our hearts and time with wanderlust and adventure - in life, parenting, and love. Our engraving reads:

 "a pirate's life for me"

This JORD watch now carries lots of extra memories, as it ties into a few different aspects of our lives. 

First off, it's fun right?! Haha - so there is that, but there are also a few other reasons we love this phrase. It's connected to Rob's lifelong membership to "the lost boys" (a group of guys that are  the best friends a guy and gal could ever ask for.) They rock. Good friends are the best.

Second, while most of you are probably familiar with this song from Disney's Peter Pan, (yo-ho!) it also carries connection to Rob's life passion - which is photography and his business name - Man Overboard Images. 

Lastly, Rob is a the most wonderful father to our two kids, Noah and Coco. He is the fun in this family, and I like to refer to him as the captain of this ship. (He deserves 100 watches!) It's pretty amazing to get to be with the love of your life. In our minds, becoming a parent doesn't mean you have to grow up - it means you get to become a kid again. We are always in awe - watching the kids experience things we have done hundreds of times before - but experiencing it now through their eyes. Here's to making those precious moments count.  

I love a good watch, and a classic JORD timepiece makes a great gift for any occasion. Choose a unique design, and add in your own personal message of love they will carry with them forever. 

Father's Day will be here before you know it! This is the perfect way to give something special to that person in your life.


Giveaway ends June 11, 2017. 
Both $100 and $25 codes expire August 31, 2017.