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A fashion blog about weekend style


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Suit Up

Jessica Wagner

Flattering Swimwear

Summer is here and hanging out by the beach all day requires proper attire. Mermaids need fins, beach babes need bikinis.

Finding a new suit might not be at the top of your summer shopping list. We all have parts of our bodies we feel self-conscious about, and I think most of us are apprehensive about stripping down in public. The main goal should be finding something you feel comfortable in, and allows you to partake in all the wonderful sun-soaked activities summer lends itself to. Sun-bathers and wave-jumpers alike, there is a swimsuit for you.

Since swimwear is notoriously tricky, a flattering color and the right cut are keys to a pleasing silhouette. With this in mind, here are a few tips on finding that perfect swimsuit for any seaside occasion.

First, narrow down your favorite profile.  One-piece, high-waist, bikini, boyshort. The list goes on. There are lots of options out there, not just four pieces of triangle. Brave the fitting room and try out multiple cuts and styles. Just like a good fitting pair of jeans, it takes time to find that perfect fitting swimsuit. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sporty, retro, ruffled, scalloped, bring ‘em all into the fitting room (because yes, you do have to try them on.)

Once you find the perfect cut, decide on solids or prints. I find soft stripes and oh-so-lovely lace bring an effortless elegance to any summer style. It’s always fun to mix and match. Black is slimming and shades of white make a tan pop. 

White is one of those magical hues that flatters most skin tones. It’s instantly chic, and the quintessential summer hue. It provides a stark contrast, making skin look brighter, tanner and more radiant without the damaging effects of the sun. We yearn all year for that golden glow, so step out of your comfort zone and maybe try a crisp white suit. White sound too risky? Go black. You can never go wrong with black. 

This probably seems obvious but flaunt your best features. Long legs? Opt for a high leggy-cuts. Ample bosom? Look for lots of support on top. Nice arms? Shoulder baring silhouettes are for you. Whether you like classic and sophisticated, boho and strappy, or full-coverage, accentuate those gorgeous feminine curves.

As far as brands go, Aerie, Target and Forever 21 are great options for a trendy suit that might last a season or two. Anthropologie is a goldmine of well-made swimwear, with a garden variety of styles. A specialty swim shop, like Everything But Water supplies suits with high quality long lasting fabrics. Invest in something if it makes you feel good, that’s the whole point. Price tag aside. Different brands run small and big. Don’t be hard on yourself with size. Tearing yourself apart for not fitting into a tiny suit that barely covers your bum is a waste of time. The last thing you want is a suit with too tight elastic causing unwanted lumps.

As far as ordering online, it’s really a crapshoot. I have had success and major failure. If you know how the brand’s sizes run, take a chance, but the best way to narrow down fit would be ordering two different sizes, keep the best fit and send the other packing. That way you don’t have the hassle or re-ordering and waiting on the next shipment to arrive. (Be sure to know the shop’s return policy, as some places will not accept returns on swimwear, specifically bottoms.)

Even though swimwear is minimal in coverage, you can still pull a look together. A floppy sun hat, big shades, a knotted tee or printed bandana are all stun-in-the-sun ways to accessorize (and protect your skin.) A bright colored scarf can double as a sarong. These are all effortless was to look relaxed and put-together.

Now that you found the perfect suit, lay out your beach blanket, take a sandy stroll along the waters edge, and celebrate in the sun. (Just remember your sunscreen!)

Outfit Details:
Swimsuit: Forever 21  (Top sold out, Bottoms) Hat: Aerie (on sale!) Sarong: Old Sunglasses: Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger Nails: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

White Sand Wash

Jessica Wagner

Inner Goddess Style

Some like to keep it casual on beach vacations. I say be glamorous. Be fabulous. Be charming, fun and wonderful.

Going on holiday is wonderful!  So be your be your gorgeous wonderful self.

We tend put ourselves in a box. For me, that box looks a lot like home, where I spend the majority of my Monday-Friday. Your box may be a comfortable role, work-place, or school where you have to dress the part. We tend not to stray far from these daily conformities.

Breaking out of your box, and finding freedom from the day-to-day is FANTASTIC. 

Strip away your typical environment, and you are forced to act beyond your natural comfort-zone. A get-away is a chance to reconnect with yourself. I believe every woman has an inner goddess. (Inner goddess not your thing... lioness, conqueror, heroine?) That inner goddess needs to be nurtured. I’m telling you, my inner goddess is hard to find some weeks! I know she is there, and she wants to feel alluring, desired and adored.

I imagine I am not alone when I say I have select pieces in my closet reserved for those by the sea escapes. Easy to pack, lightweight, breathable and a little saucy. Something exotic you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. Coastal living is meant to be seductive. It’s meant to give you a break. I mentioned in this post, I want to feel confident, comfortable and stylish on vacation. You know what else I want to feel? Young, wild and free. 

I fell in love this white-sand-wash dress for it’s ability to feel casual yet stunningly fashionable. It’s a great option for a full-length evening dress and perfect way to show off a tan. Beautifully bohemian, refreshingly romantic, and in a sure-to-stun-in-the-sun silhouette. I chose this piece for the major honeymoon vibes it was giving off. I loved being a honeymooner and felt this look was a nod to that enchanting time. I remember feeling so in love and wearing flawless shades of white every chance I got. 

Feeling powerful and sexy is good for the soul. What’s a better time to sport a sultry look than while adventuring in a beachy tropical climate?

Next trip, anniversary or weekend away, promise to pack that silky slip dress. Buy that breezy crochet for catching a golden hour glow. Wear the drapey caftan or thigh-high slit for a dreamy dinner date. Then drift away into paradise. Immerse yourself in the culture. Explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. Be the girl who sees possibility everywhere. Find that suit of armor for free spirits, the wanderlusters and know you're rocking your secret weapon --inner goddess style.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Urban Outfitters  Love Sadie Beige Crochet Open-back Maxi (Sold out, also love this one and this one) Shoes: ZiGIgirl Arrow Sandals Sunglasses: Forever 21 Bag: H&M (also love this one) Nails: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Arthur

Packing with Purpose

Jessica Wagner

Traveling Light

Few things in life are as exciting as a pending adventure to a far and away place. 

We leave for vacation this weekend. It’s our first full week away from both kiddos since Coco was born – oh my goodness. While I am certainly ready for a week of straight up cocktails on the beach, getting there takes some serious strategic planning. (Not to mention, prepping the homestead for our absence.)

When traveling abroad I want to feel confident, comfortable and stylish while experiencing new people and places. Changes to the usual environment can be tricky, even when the journey is pre-arranged. Predicting aspects of the unknown can be managed with thoughtful planning. By taking care of travel concerns ahead of time, you leave yourself open and free to an enhanced experience.  

Know your destination and major modes of transportation. Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Will you be a sight-seeking tourist or nature-hiking adventurer? Carefully consider your activities, company and the destination’s culture. Do your research. Check up on the climate, and be aware of the ever-fickle weather. 

Compose a list ahead of time, and lay out all your options. I like to use my bed, but find a someplace that allows physical and mental space to edit. Carve out a block of time so you don’t feel rushed.

Once you have a proper list, take inventory. Select your basics, and build off of those. Look for versatile pieces. Choose colors and patterns that mix and layer easily. (Neutrals and stripes are my go-to.) Then, add key color palette items, like pops of coral or lush tropical shades. Rationalize shoes, and complete with accessories. Stick to your original list.

Now time for a confession: when it comes to packing for vacation, I’m usually the one with the most luggage. (It never fails!)

I’ve since learned to map out every detail of each outfit - top to bottom. As a repeat offender of over-packing, knowing exactly what I intend to wear and styling it ahead of time has made a huge difference. It relieves outfit-anxiety and decreases excess weight. Not to mention, it eliminates arriving back home, and to your wonderment, unpacking a bunch of items that never saw the light of day.

For this trip, we are beach bound and plan to spend most of our time relaxing on the resort, shopping the local market scene, and dining-out seafood-style. While I used to fear leaving something behind, and hence trudged it all along with me, I’ve learned to consolidate by staying focused. Tropic climates don’t require more than one set of jeans and a maybe a light sweatshirt.  Don’t worry about the “just in case” items and be deliberate with your choices.

Here are a few tricks I’m implementing this trip to save space and honestly make life simple, neat, and clean.


DO: Use travel size. This saves so much space and weight. Purchase travel size toothpaste/deodorant and transfer a small amount of your everyday facewash/shampoo /conditioner into travel size containers. Bring only what you need for the duration of your visit. Full size items are a no-no. Even better, if it makes no difference, use the provided toiletries.

DON’T: Bring shoes you cannot walk in. Those killer heels will literally kill after 10 minutes of walking down the strip. Avoid footwear that takes up valuable estate in your suitcase.

DO: Schedule a pedicure a few days before. When traveling I love not worrying about my polish chipping. And hello! Sandals.

DON’T: Bring those “juts in case items” you can purchase on location if necessary.

DO: Make sure you can lift your own bag. I’m speaking from experience here. My carry-on almost knocked me out once when I was lifting it down from the above airplane storage compartment. Not only was it super embarrassing, but who wants a fresh bruiser at the start of vacation?

DON’T: Over pack, leaving no room for special items or souvenirs you find on your trip.

DO: Keep the true valuables at home and stash anything precious you don’t want to lose on your body or in your carry-on. Once you arrive to your destination put the lockbox to use.

To summarize, be intentional with your choices.  Use logic and do your research. It will make traveling that much more comfortable and leave you free and functional to enjoy exploring the unexplored. 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Jessica Simpson (old, similar here) Hat: Brand unknown (similar here) Shoes: Michael Antionio Sunglasses: Forever 21 Watch: Michael Kors Lips: Nars Schiap Nails: Julie G in Oh em gee!

Where are you traveling next? Any packing tricks to share? Use the comment section below!