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Water Wellies In the Rain

Jessica Wagner

Hunter Boots - Summer 

We travel almost every weekend in the summer to our family cottage by the lake. With the unpredictable mid-west weather, I usually toss my wellies in the trunk, just in case. 

I purchased these hunter green rain boots two years ago and they are well worth every penny. I have worn them every season, rain, snow or shine. The Hunter brand is known for their exceptional fit and comfort and is dependable as the English rain!

The ‘tour’ style is constructed from a lightweight foldable rubber that allows the leg of the rain boot to fold down for easy packing and transportation. This style is waterproof, lightweight, and handcrafted. I love mine in the matte finish (vs. gloss) and have since purchased a second pair in the original style. You can’t go wrong with such British style and luxe.

As we tend to spend our lakeside weekends on the water fishing and often exploring the surrounding rivers, marshes and ponds near shore, these boots have come in handy, for more than just a rainy day. With many nature preserves and hiking trails nearby, we never know what we might discover. 

We stumbled upon the most gorgeous water lilies last weekend, and planned to visit the following morning for an early morning picnic (bruch-nic?) Rain clouds rolled in and hung low the entire day and I couldn’t have asked for a more Monet-esk backdrop. Its no wonder the French Impressionist’s water lilies are so beloved around the word. What a radiant example of the beauty found in nature.

The lily pad sanctuary glistened with droplets of water and my knee-length waterproof boots fulfilled their role so I could cross the wet muddy ground, to get an up-close view of the floating flower garden. Protected from the light rain showers, puddles, and whatever creepy things might be lurking nearby I was able to embrace a sense of youthful adventure.

Hunter boots are iconic, and everyone from early pioneers to modern day celebs has helped their rise in popularity. Lady Diana wore them in her engagement photos back in 1981, and later, Kate Moss taught us how to pull off that cool-girl in shorts and rain boots look at Glastonbury. Today, they are a recognizable festival staple from the fields of Brittan to across the globe.

Rain boots are a practical wardrobe staple. If you are thinking about purchasing a classic and long lasting pair, I would highly recommend Hunter.  Black, red, yellow and hunter green are a great place to start for a chic look. Need more inspiration? Look not further than the likes of Paddington Bear and Christopher Robin… kidding, but they always look so cute, right?!  You can also always try a pair in a fun pattern or print.

There are endless ways to style wellies, and they can work in every season of the year. For dodgy weather, use them to reach a destination and change into regular shoes. For summer styling you can’t go wrong with a simple dress, or shorts, a simple tee and a cute hat. Easy, comfortable and chic. I also love the combination of a skirt, sweater, and tall socks, a great way to stay warm and dry, as cooler weather will be here before we know it.

Alright mate, once you find a pair you love, slide them on, dance in the rain, jump in the puddles and listen to the rain drops, all while looking brilliant. You can be pretty sure an adventure is about to happen. 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage Boots: Hunter Women's Original Tour Hat: Forever 21 Sunglasses: ZeroUV Nails: Essie Ballet Slippers Lips: Anthropologie Albeit Pomelo