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A fashion blog about weekend style


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The Cottager

Jessica Wagner


Seventies Vintage

I pulled this vintage beauty out of my parents attic. Maybe it's the old soul in me, but I've always been drawn to clothing that tells a story. Dreamy pieces in creamy white, like this natural frock, speak to my sensitive nature. I love the lived-in feel from another time and place.

My sisters and I used to have a big wooden box of dress up clothes and this 1970s dress was one of our favorites. Back then it would fall three feet too long, dragging across the floor, and take us to an imaginary world of royal tea parties and secret gardens -- or dark alleyway dealings as British spies in disguise.  

Fast forward to today, it's the perfect fit for picking wild flowers on a rosé picnic at the cottage. I love the soft worn-in linen feel of the dress. The tag actually reads "The Cottager for the Junior." I couldn't find much about the brand, but it breaths like a warm summer night. The empire waist and detailed buttons up the back add a charming vibe that makes it stand out from today's fashions. 

I believe a good vintage dress has the ability to transport you... the more ethereal the better. I have a soft spot for our weekend escapes to our family cottage. Our happy place. <3 Life slows down and we usually just enjoy eachothers company or get lost in nature. Fishing on the lake, walks on the beach, running through wild flower fields or picking berries from the local farm.  I've been coming up to the lake since I was born. t's a place that holds childhood memories and peaceful nostalgia. BBQs, late nights around fires. Sunning like little sand crabs on Papa's dock. Canoe rides and getting pushed on the swing {or into the pond!} The sound of crickets and the hum of nature. A place for wild strawberries and wild freedom.

We discovered this quarry down an old dirt path, and this dress just felt right for whispered dreams and special moments. Earth-goddess hair, bare feet and free flowing fabrics where staples of the seventies. In full hippie-chic mode I added a few Queen Anne's Lace to my braid for added effect. {Interesting fact: Queen Anne’s Lace is in actuality, a wild carrot!}

When looking to add vintage clothing  to your wardrobe, don't be afraid to shop around in antique shops, or your own auntie or grandmothers dresser drawers. Hats, baskets and scarves are a few accessories I usually walk away with for a steal! 

When it comes to making a decision on to buy or not I like to try and envision wearing it in a countryside flower field, full of eyelet lace, and creamy shades of dancing white. Little stone cottages and over-grown ivy. Lost dirt roads and hidden wishing wells. If the dress fits the scene - (and fits!) or can be easily altered, into the bag it goes! Always check for stains, holes, and missing pieces. 

Long maxi dresses or even midi styles will serve as versatile summertime wear and will evoke an "imperfect" elegance. Shabby chic at it's best, out in the open sky among the singing reeds. Unabashedly feminine, and whimsical. 

If you are also enchanted by history and vintage style, where are you favorite places to find  additions to your wardrobe? I would love to hear in the comments below! 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage The Cottager For The Junior  Shoes: Vintage Huaraches - House of Dow Picnic Basket: Vintage Hat: My grandmother's <3 Lips: Le Marc Lip Crème Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 

Delft Blue Dress: Taking Inspiration From Delftware

Jessica Wagner

The Summer Maxi Dress

Laaaaaaaaadies! This one is for you.

Upcoming travels or celebratory festivities? Have a summer wedding to attend? This could be your “go to” dress. Fresh, ethereal and perfect for all warm-weather occasions.

You’re welcome. ;)

It seems that blue and white never really go out of style. I love a beautiful dress that hits all the high notes. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but blue is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. I like it in absolutely all its shades and forms.

This delicate blue ivory print feels inspired by Delftware ceramics.

Have you ever heard of Delftware

According to Vogue, Valentino himself used Delft Blue in a design for his own Fall 1968 collection that propelled him into the national spotlight as a celebrity fashion designer. How’s that for some fashion history?

17th century Dutch craftsmen (obsessed with the Ming Dynasty porcelain that was then being imported from China) saw a market for less expensive versions, and Delftware pottery was born.

Blue and white-painted china can be found everywhere, pouring out of small vintage storefronts. It’s hard to imagine antique shops without this lovely form of ceramics.

Found the Tinman passing through on his way to Emerald City.

I find Delftware incredibly charming (my favorite teacup is a Delft Blue!) So when I stopped in Top Knot Boutique (@shoptkb) a couple weeks ago to scope their goods in person, I was immediately enchanted with this blue porcelain maxi.

Let’s tick the boxes shall we?

  • Vintage-inspired update of the quintessential prairie dress
  • Super soft breezy blend with a dainty floral motif
  • Ruffled fluttery details and the off-the-shoulder neckline  
  • Distinctly modern femininity in a classic silhouette

In person, the pattern is even reminiscent of the Cuban Spanish / Moroccan or talavera tiles from my favorite travel spot down in Mexico, but I still feel so very Dutch wearing it.

Have you ever bought clothing inspired by your travels?

I love how long column/maxi dresses can be styled on the more casual side. You can pair them with sandals and throw your hair up in a bun. It’s the epitome of that effortless summer style. I’m looking forward to styling this one for a date night or my next garden party.


Congratulations to @anoward!
A big thank you to Top Knot Boutique (@shoptkband all who participated!

Follow them on Facebook here and be the first to know about their latest arrivals.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Top Knot Boutique Off shoulder Ruffle Maxi Shoes: Gingham, old (similar here) Pearl, (similar here) Hat: Nordstrom Straw Boater (old, similar here)  Bag: Cult Gaia Ark Watch: Old (love this one here) Lips: MAC So Select



Jessica Wagner

70s Inspired Styling for Summer

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Whether you’re spending the holiday relaxing seaside, barbequing with family, or shooting off fireworks I hope you enjoy the long weekend and the liberty of choosing how to spend it. 

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. With that in mind, I want to spotlight how to channel that carefree vibe of the season. Basically - goodbye long johns, hello cotton sundress. Unless of course, you’re into wearing long johns in warm weather – you do you!

Some of my favorite fashion inspiration is from the '70s. Icons like Jane Birkin, Jean Shrimpton, Cher, Stevie Nicks, and Ziggy Stardust taught us the rules, alter-egos and all. It was an era of earth-goddess hair, rock-n-roll, and on-point leather jackets. Romantic silhouettes and floral-drenched prints. But the look requires more than bare-feet, guitar in hand.

When you hear '70s you might think hippie flower power and all that. Tie-dye and flares. But '70s fashion was about more than clothing, it was a movement. It was a generation of voices that demanded to be heard, and took to expressing themselves through a variety of outlets, one of them being fashion.

If you look back at fashion from the '50s and '60s, it’s safe. It was a time of conformity. There were boundaries and expectations. The '70s came along and shook those ideals upside-down.

I personally love taking an outfit in a boho-ethereal direction, but it’s a little outside my normal comfort zone. I ultimately lean feminine, full skirt and heels. More streamlined. Wild expressive outfits can really kind of be thrown together. I get nervous about pairing an oxblood hat and round-mirrored frames. But I shouldn’t be and neither should you.

When adding a '70s modern vibe to your wardrobe, know what to look for and where to look. To find cool hats, flea markets are my favorite. Forever 21 has the best selection of big sunglasses that won’t blow your entire month’s fashion budget. Antique malls and consignment shops are also treasure troves of goodies. Bangles, funky scarves, platform ankle boots are all things I have found for pennies on the dollar. And If you have the time, they always sport an extensive amount of vintage jewelry, yours for the picking.

Start off pairing a wide brim hat with cut-off jeans and a vintage tee. Then keep exploring. Try an off-the-shoulder top, knee-high gladiators or a patterned kimono. Trial and error. You don’t have to be some sort of avant-garde stylist to dress with dramatic flare. This is an achievable look for us normal girls. A vintage print skirt is the perfect summer score. Pair it with a sleek crop top and high boots. Watch it transform from passé to in vogue. Kick off summer with your vintage rock and roll style game strong.

My best tip is to search on-line first from your favorite stores. I am a die-hard fan of Free People and Urban Outfitters for their billowy silhouettes, natural-toned hues and bohemian, wild elegance.

As the days get warmer and the nights get longer, start introducing yourself as Penny Lane and make an entrance in statement shapes that will catch the season’s brightest light.

Outfit Details:
Hat: Vintage (similar here) Top: Francesca's Collections old (similar here) Shorts: Lux by Urban Outfitters (similar here) Shoes: Free People Oliviera Wrap Sandal Leather Fringe Clutch: Vintage (similar here) Sunglasses: Forever 21 Bandana: Urban Outfitters Assorted Bangles: Vintage Earrings: Forever 21 (also love these) Lips: MAC Sin Nails: OPI Taupe-less Beach Peacock Chair: Vintage (also love this one