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A fashion blog about weekend style


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To Market, To Market

Jessica Wagner

The Shirtdress


Yeassss to breezy dressing for the long weekend!

I found this lightweight shirtdress dress back in the spring and have been styling it non-stop all summer. Local boutique Ragazza carries one of my favorite blogger brands -Cupcakes and Cashmere – you have to check out the darling pieces from her collection in their store!

It’s been the perfect piece to slip into for warm summer days spent walking around the farmer’s market or exploring the tiny shops around the peninsula. Bergman’s Orchards is up by the lake house and we pull off the side of the road to have a gander almost every weekend! They have the absolute sweetest peaches (as seen here) and the freshest selections of yummy fruits and veggies.

I stocked up on my produce and maybe snuck a bite into a peach or two before we left the grounds!! 


If you are looking for fall/summer transitional pieces, a cotton fabric button down shirtdress is always a comfortable choice. I like this one for the nautical faded stripes and slender tie that defines the waist. If you want to layer it up, try a pair of camel boots and a denim jacket.


You guys know I am a huge proponent of “the third piece” so slide on some shades and pop a sunhat on your head and your ready for meandering walks, a bite to eat, or a 5-o’ clock “somewhere” drink!

Also, did you notice my jewelry? These earrings are by Kentucky Gypsy, the new jewelry collection I am currently obsessed with! (You can read more about the collection here.)

I hope you all enjoy the long holiday weekend! Now, home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Ragazza / Cupcakes and Cashmere Stelle Dress (on sale now!) Shoes: Madewell (Old, similar here) Bag: Old, similar here, also like this one Hat: Anthropologie (old, similar here) Earrings: Kentucky Gypsy Nova Chandelier Necklace: Kentucky Gypsy Sydney Choker Shopper: Cotton Reusable Grocer 


***This weekend remember to appreciate the small things my loves. I have had the people of Huston on my heart, and it’s been a reminder that everything we have is given to us and can so easily be taken away. I know I will be taking some extra time while I am with my family to let my loved ones they are SO loved and attempt to keep my mind in a state of thankfulness. As always I appreciate you following along! Cheers!

The 3 Second Outfit

Jessica Wagner

What To Wear: When You Don't Feel Like Getting Dressed

It’s Saturday morning. You decided to sleep in, and now you only have 15 minutes to get ready before meeting your #girlsquad for brunch (or before heading to your kid’s Saturday morning sports event.)

We’ve all faced the dilemma - you have to leave to house, but you don't feel like getting ready or you're short on time. There is a solution (besides flaking and staying home sweatpants // no bra –the usual.) Have a 3 second outfit.

When you only have minutes to get dressed (aka Monday- Sunday) it helps to have few effortless go-to items that always manage to look cute without trying too hard. I have the perfect arsenal for making that last minute lunch date or trip to the store.

On a personal note, this has been me the last few weeks. My family and I have been dealing with multiple illnesses and it’s been tough. The amount of energy it takes to look remotely put together is almost enough to kill me. (I’m being only slightly dramatic.) When no amount of concealer is going to mask those dark circles, and you are breathing through your nose like a wildebeest with a slight limp due to a broken toe, well, good luck. (Um can I just say this tiny little appendage has caused me so much pain and left me near immobile for the first week and is still healing - word to the wise watch out for the corner of the wall - it sneaks up on you.) {No stiletto heels for 4-6 weeks.} By having a go-to outfit you feel presentable in, you allow yourself to skip over the “what the &*$% do I wear” list, and make that afternoon outing a reality.

I live in these pieces when I am not curating an outfit for a specific occasion. Bonus: this is also the perfect "hide from the paparazzi" look. 

Neutral Color Duster

Neutral Color Duster: This bad boy has been a lifesaver come spring/fall. (Last seen here.) It always managers to look chic. I actually wear this almost every day. I suggest looking for one in grey, black, or camel as those shades go with everything. Choosing a durable color will allow for easy layering from casual to high-end outfits.

Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap: Everyone should have an option for those days you just don’t want to deal with your hair. I love this dark grey and black tweed style. It’s also a go-to item on my list. I’ve had this style in my arsenal for a few years and it always manages to look tomboy-cute! If you're not a hat person, try a hair wrap or turban-style headband. Both options are sure to hide unwashed hair and keep you feeling winsome. J Crew has some super fun baseball style caps in spring colors on their site in right now. Hats are great for those bad hair days (or super windy days, as seen here.)

Dark Sunglasses

Dark Sunglasses: The more oversize the better (what dark circles?) These are my favorite pair of high-end sunglasses by Karen Walker. Invest in one special pair and I promise somehow they will always manage to look a little bit glam, no matter what you style with them. (Plus, if you keep them on, you can get away with no eye-makeup.)

Leather Leggings

Leather Leggings: They have instant-cool girl vibes. A major upgrade from your yoga pants / sweats and will trick anyone from guessing you have been a sick zombie all week.

Classic White Tee

Classic White Tee: This is an item you can never have to many of. Try tying one in a side knot to add some interest and show off high waist bottoms. (Last seen here.)

Comfortable Sneakers

Comfortable Sneakers: Converse and Stan Smiths have been on current rotation since I hurt my foot, and they are still trending across the fashion realm. I have been eyeing a pale pink pair of tennies but have yet to commit, as white are just so easy. (Seen here, here, and here.)

A Bag You Don’t Have To Carry

A Bag You Don’t Have To Carry: Being a mama I was super exited when these became popular. (Seen here and here.) A backpack purse is such a great option for running around. I hate having to lug a bag on my shoulder all day, especially when I already have enough to remember/ look after. This style you can sling on you back and forget about it. (Just remember your lunch box too kids!)

***Starbucks coffee cup optional.

That’s it dolls! I might was well share, during this shoot I felt like death, and I’ve been running around unbeknownst to me, with a baddie cold and I have to say, you would never know it from the outfit. Try it, it works (but if you are sick, stay home!)

Outfit Details:
Coat: Old (similar here) Top: Forever 21 Bottoms: Old (similar here) Hat: Old (love this one from Anthropologie and these from J Crew) Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Sunglasses: Karen Walker Bag: Forever 21


Jessica Wagner

NYE Pajama Party

3…2….1…. Happy New Year!!! (Or New Year’s Eve I guess!) Pucker up! It’s time to kiss 2016 goodbye! This is going to be a great long weekend, and an ever better New Year. I can feel it. :)

Herein lies the question -- to go out or stay in?! While most of us love a good NYE bash, part of us wants to be at home, cozied up with loved ones. This year, why not make both a reality?

We have plans to go out, but decided to celebrate an early NYE at home. Staying in pajamas is one of the best post-holiday treats imaginable. In anticipation of 2017, a plush pajama set is sure to help you ring in the New Year in luxuriating style.

A quiet New Year’s stay-cation, is totally possible. Get comfortable, like really comfortable, (because after all, the best part of winter is not leaving the house) and make sure you have lots of bubbly on hand. Cancel all plans, and spend the night lazing in your comfiest mixed print PJs.

These navy silky sleepers were a Christmas Eve gift and all I’ve been wearing since. A silken matching set makes for a homebody-approved look. There is something dream-like about head-to-toe silk. It’s an easy way to make a night in feel like an after-hours slumber party. When shopping for a new lounge look, cozy and lightweight are on the must-list. I fell in love with these for their blending of masculine and feminine. (Neck tie print // glossy stain bow drawstring.) If you are after super-soft bedtime glamour, this is the way to lounge.

We had our faux NYE with the kids earlier this week, complete with sparkling juice and Netflix countdown. (Then we promptly put the sweetlings to bed, and they were both a-snooze by 8pm. I mean, this might be the best new date-night in tradition!)

Break out the crystal champs glasses, cut up something fresh and juicy to snack on, and let the bubbly work it’s magic. We talked about some of our upcoming goals for the year, (as a couple and as individuals) and then made sure to relax. Be silly, let your hair down. Don’t worry about the New Year hype and oft-forced resolutions. (Although mine is to seek balance/stay focused and be extra *sparkly*.)

We are actually spending NYE out as a family with some of our closest friends. Dinner Italian-style, cheering on the Bucks, and of course lots of cheers-ing will be taking place. (This group loves a theme-party and this year’s is “What dreams may come!” I’ll be sure to share pics, as I have big dreams for 2017! Follow on insta, so you don’t miss out!) So technically, it’s a night out, but on the relaxed side, which is totally my style. (As much as I identify with “party-girl” I prefer the more intimate of gatherings and conversation.)

So with another year older, and a new one about to begin, I truly wish you all the happiest of New Years!!! 

Thanks for a great 2016, have a safe and lovely long weekend friends!! (And a comfortable and stylish New Year!)

Outfit Details:
Top: Abercrombie & Fitch Bottoms: Abercrombie & Fitch (also come in shorts here) Slippers: Restoration Hardware Ultimate Luxury Foot Duvets  Nails: Essie Licorice