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A fashion blog about weekend style


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Jessica Wagner

How To Dress Like A French Girl

Sartorial undone perfection goes to the ever-elusive French girl.

So what’s their secret? (Besides wine, champagne, art, food, and the French language…)

Playing it cool in effortless, stripped down, uncomplicated outfits that make the most impact.

First, keep it neutral. This is essential when aiming for a Parisian-chic ensemble (and it’s the perfect way to coordinate with your afternoon latte at a quiet corner café.)

Aside from the classic striped Bréton shirt and maybe a {non-cliché} beret, this look is about embracing one's own individual style. Keep it feeling oh-so-fresh by mixing high and low, classic and trendy, and wearing it with a blasé air of confidence.

Next, aim for the allure of natural beauty, and let go of the search for perfection. This doesn’t mean you have to walk out the door sans make-up (unless you want to.) It means working with what you have, to compliment or accentuate favorite features and celebrate the little imperfections –a gap in a smile, slightly crooked teeth, prominent eyebrows or strong Roman nose. Let yourself be a touch undone. These are signs of certain strength in character. Show off freckles, glasses, or au naturel hair. French women understand you can feel beautiful without being perfect. 

Last, think like a muse. To evoke mystery, you need to exude an irreverent, downtown edge, with timeless glamour and old world romance. (I know, right?!) In other words, simple is sexy. Poise and confidence are fundamental to dressing Parisian cool.

For this outfit I paired my Bréton stripe top with a mod high-waist jumper. A tight pencil skirt silhouette plays up curves, and pairs well with blouses, tees and buttons ups. (Bonus if you rock it with geek-chic suspender straps.) Layer on a menswear blazer, rolling up the cuffs, and scrunching it at the elbows for a relaxed effect. Ballerina flats reign supreme in French style, but add a hint of sophistication with a fabulous pair of two-tone Chanel inspired heels. Drape a coat, swipe on a bold lip and if you don’t have a terrible vision (like me!) that requires a script, dark oversize sunnies always make a stylish addition. Add a side-sitting beret and you’ve about cracked the code to French girl fashion. This chapeau can be worn slouchy like a beanie for a boyish look, or slightly tipped for a more feminine feel.

Next trip to the museum, library, coffee house, or romantic night with your amour, pull a few pieces from the French girl wardrobe, and joie de vivre (delight in the joy of living.)

Outfit Details:
Coat: Old (similar here) Top: J. Crew Striped Boatneck Jumper: Old (similar here and here) Blazer: J. Crew (similar here) Beret: Vintage (similar here) Bag: Zara Over-The-Knee Socks: Asos Shoes: Zara Glasses: GANT Rugger GR Gibson Necklace: Stella & Dot Mia Collar Watch: Michael Kors Lips: MAC Sin Nails: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud


Dusty Rose

Jessica Wagner

The secret to Rocking bold lips

Lipstick is my favorite beauty buy. I’m always on the hunt for a splashy new pout in a rich shade. The bolder the better. 

Bright lipstick scare you? I totally get it. Shades outside the gloss-family used to make me uneasy. Worried I would look like a kid playing dress up, I figured only certain lucky women were born to pull off those lustrous lips. Untrue! Anyone can add a swipe of red or pink to their daily beauty routine. The secret to rocking cherry kissed lips is confidence in application. I swear all you need is lip-liner, to rock those highly saturated hues. It’s an easy enough skill to master. With a bit of practice, you’ll achieve precision and technique. 

Ease into a bold lipstick routine. Start with a middle-of-the-road color and finish. I suggest a tinted balm or stain. Get to know your tribe. Experiment with reds, corals, oranges, burgundies and blush. Once you find a shade you love, take it to the next level by going brighter and longer-lasting. Ask a beautician to help you choose the perfect lip-popping shade for your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to try something you wouldn’t normally choose on your own. Try a deep, dark lip. Knowing what you’re doing with a dark lipstick can look incredibly chic. Once you commit to your statement color, plan on a few touch-ups to make it last, sun-up to sun-down. Prep for this by stashing your tube and liner in your bag. Other than minor mirror-check maintenance, statement lips are easy work. (It also helps to have a friend for teeth-check. I’m notorious for getting lipstick on my teeth!)

Rich, long-lasting lipsticks can perk up a dull day, and it’s rather pleasing to coordinate with your favorite pink dress. The trick to perfection is lip liner. Liner creates a border preventing the lipstick from smudging (that clown look we all want to avoid.) It also helps define and shape your lips, making it easy to color in the lines. These boundaries hold color in place. Make sure to match your liner to your lipstick. I also find prepping lips beforehand with a scrub creates a more polished finish. This way, the gloss slides onto a smooth surface, preventing a dry, caked-on look.


  • Use a delicate lip sugar scrub to exfoliate and rub away any dead skin.
  • Moisturize with a balm.
  • Prime lips. I like to use a dap of foundation across my lips to create an even base, and then lightly powder over them.
  • Outline with coordinating lipliner. Take your time. I like use short smooth strokes.
  • Fill in with lip color.
  • Blot with a tissue.

My favorite lipsticks are creamy, long wearing, and matte. Once you master these steps, you can handle any bold lipstick that comes your way.

You can imagine when I came across this matte rose lip color in my daily mountain of e-mails I immediately put it in my shopping bag, and checked-out. (Impulsive.)  Not my usual route when considering a new color. Full discretion – I’m usually a red lipstick girl, (classic) but it was the description of this color that had me sold.

MAC So Select - “A lip colour inspired from the best runway trends of the season, this new MAC Lipstick was our Artists’ favourite backstage secret weapon for en vogue matte rose lips. Available in limited supply to MAC Select members ONLY!”

Maybe it was the limited supply or the select members ONLY (with ONLY being in all caps, but I  got spooked and felt like this was my one and only chance to buy this color, and I mean wow! I want to be select, and I’m hoping this will be my new daily go-to favorite, and hey I can always return it.) But I bought into it, literally, and am so happy with the result. (also this was over a month ago now, and it's still available - so there really wasn't any need to worry.) It’s a perfect rosebud shade. This color is spot on with the dirty rose description. I tend to stay away from anything too purple-y and have a drawer full of bland blush colors that just don’t smolder.

If you want to invest in a new shade for spring, this is it. Modern in color, consistent in wear. Low-key enough for day-to-day and dynamic enough for the darkest star-filled night. 

I truly believe anyone can wear bold lips. I have a few stand-by favorites I plan to feature soon, and would be happy to make suggestions for anyone new to the lip-stick game! Lipstick is meant to be fun. Rocking that bold look isn’t so intimidating after all... it’s liberating.

Beauty Details:
         Lip Scrub: BeautiControl Sugar Cookie (old, similar here) Balm: Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve Lipstick: MAC So Select Lip Pencil: MAC Currant Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 12 Beige Rose Mineral Powder: Bare Minerals MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Medium Beige

Outfit Details:
Top: Francesca's Collections (old, similar here) Jeans: Free People Destroyed Ankle Skinny Nails: OPI Taup-less Beach