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A fashion blog about weekend style


Somewhere Over the Rainbow {Hair}

Jessica Wagner

How To Get Unicorn Inspired Hair

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Color: Beauty - DIY

Dreamy, magical hair is taking over my life (and my Pinterest page.) Rainbow highlights are easier to achieve now than ever. Totally smitten with fantasy-pink I decided to give lollypop hair a try a couple weeks ago (some of you may have noticed, if you are following along on social media.)

I’ve been on the fence about coloring my hair a mesmerizing blush rosé for the last year or so. I actually talked to my hair colorist about it at my last appointment. I just wanted a change (and did not want to impulsively chop!) She warned me that for what you spend, cotton-candy hair washes out rather quickly, and can sometimes strip your highlights, leaving you with brassy/highlighter hair. (Yikes.) She also agreed I could totally rock some pink with my olive skin tone. (Yay!) So, when I saw a fellow blogger use L'Oréal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Color in pink #200, and that it washed out after a few shampoos safely, I decided to give it a try.

L'Oréal Colorista comes in a bunch of vibrant shades for blondes and brunettes, that will wash out after 4-8 shampoos. It totally switches up the whole hair coloring game. Depending on how highlighted your hair, it can be light and subtle but at the same time, colorful enough to really make an impact. It allows you to play with hair color without the commitment (perfect for someone like me who can’t make up her mind!) It’s created with pure direct dyes, and contains a conditioning hair-mask, which leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. If you need it washed out sooner, they also sell a Colorista Haircolor Remover kit, that will take it out. (I have not tried it yet.)

I’ve had major success with the pink for light/bleach blondes (as seen: pink #200)

UPDATE: 6-27-17 It has been a little over a month since I used the  purple #400 and aqua #700 the blue shades have been very tricky to get to remove. I kept coving over it with pink for a few weeks, which was resulting in an all-over light shade of purple/pink, but since trying the L'Oreal shampoo fader, and seeing my colorist in the salon and trying to remove it with a mask, I am left with a brassy mint green hue to my blonde. I have a few things I plan to try to get back to my original color, and will post an update. Right now I plan on letting the sun hopefully work its magic, b y just giving it some time. I might try baking soda or dawn dish soap.... and I was also told baby oil or coconut oil. We will see if anything works. I will be back to share my progress!

We tried the burgundy #20 shade for dark brown hair on my sister who has very dark hair, and no previous coloring, and it didn’t hold. (Her hair is not porous like mine lol.) We also tried it on the kids and it was very very very subtle... not good. They were almost in tears. (I'm a bad mom - the box says not intended for children and I ignored that fact, so lol on me.) The kids were both so sad that the color didn’t work – so I ordered some hair chalk from Amazon to try this weekend! I will let you guys know how it goes. (Hair chalk was a success btw. Perfect for a day of fun and wasted out in the shower easily!)

2017 has been the year of the funk at the Wagner compound! Haha – at least according to Rob and I. Both of us have adventurous spirits – when it comes to food and wine, couch selection, and hair color at least! (I know that list is longer!) We usually find ourselves playing it safe. I feel like there is this pressure to be “grown up” ever since we had kids. (What’s up with that!) Meaning we have to be normal - and news flash- we are not normal. We are some of the weirdest people I know. So, we have deicide to let our freak flags fly high!. We also agree there is no reason to be impulsive or take unnecessary risks, so paying around with hair color actually still feels pretty safe. :) 

Back to rainbow hair

I found the directions really easy to follow (use on fresh shampooed hair) and the application took no time at all. They provide a brush, which I didn’t use, and multiple pairs of gloves. Apply, let it set for a half hour, rinse with water, and viola! You are now a member of the unicorn // mermaid rainbow hair tribe. You can play around with all the gorgeous shades of the spectrum without a permanent effect. (Unless you use the blue as I now know!) The best part? The unique combinations are endless! 

***If you decide to give it a try, please read the directions, and reviews! I found them helpful, and not everyone has had a positive experience.

I’ve gone from ombre dark pink, to allover rose gold, to a multi-dimensional opalescent pearl all with the help of Colorista. Pastel blue might be next! You can become whatever whimsical fairytale pixie you desire. I will probably stick with shades of pink, but I can’t help but wonder what every shade of the rainbow would look like?!

Outfit Details:
Top: Ragazza Boutique (a favorite local shopping spot) Jeans: Old (similar here, last seen here) Shoes:  Forever 21 Faux Fur Slides Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Istanbul