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A fashion blog about weekend style


Pretty In Pink

Jessica Wagner

Monochromatic Outfitting

Take note from Ellle Woods and get ready to master outfitting in a single color story.

In fashion terms, monochromatic dressing means wearing separates of the same color that have different textures in a similar shades for an overall tonal look. Wearing one color is a simple approach to putting together a stand-out outfit, with pieces you already have in your closet.

When creating a look in all the same hue, the outcome can be striking as wearing a quirky pattern or vivid rainbow of colors. It’s an easy way to make a major style statement. 

For this look I chose my favorite shade, pink, and mixed two (blush and bold) to add depth and dimension. 

When dressing monochromatically your outfit has one uninterrupted line from head to toe, elongating the silhouette, making you appear slim and tall (as a stylist I cant think of anything better!) It’s an easy way to highlight your best features. This look made my legs look long and lean. Monochromatic outfits are a great option for petites.

The tricky part when dressing head to toe in one shade is avoiding looking like a power ranger. If you aren’t careful, single shades can come across as overdone. Try to avoid wearing all the same fabric, which equals dull. Bright yellow might make you look like an oversize banana, (all orange, a pumpkin.) To avoid this presentation, use your details. Add in lots of texture like leather, cotton, silk, ruffles, metallics or even faux fur. Think suede, lace or tulle. This will help break up a monochrome look and be the difference in keeping an outfit sophisticated.

Also, remember balance. This goes for any outfit. You don't want the color to overwhelm you, on the contrary you want it to again, to make you look tall and slim. To achieve this, play with proportions. If you are wearing a flowy top, pair it with fitted bottoms. If you are wearing a full A-line skirt, wear it with a from fitting top.

It’s important to pick a color that looks great with your skin tone and hair. If you aren’t sure where to start, try mono-styling with nudes and neutrals as a warm up. Also white, black and navy. All white shows off a summer tan and I do this look with black, at least once a week. (Always a win). Blues are also a great place to start as well (I know you blue-eyed babes use this trick.) If you're feeling adventurous try jewel tones or bright bold shades like red. Soft pale pink and grey are two of my other favorites, as well as rich tones in olive green or eggplant. Play with patterns, these will add visual interest and break up solid block of color. As for adding texture, prints in stripes, gingham and florals are fun, as well as pops of neon. You can play into this look with the little details like lipstick, nail polish, and jewelry. Hats and additional layers like bandanas or scarves, are also great ways to keep build on a color story. Styled correctly, pink can be moody, all black can be dainty.

No matter what your style or shape, monochrome always looks sharp so don’t be afraid to experiment. The takeaway? Texture and balance are the key element when putting this look together.

Would you wear a monochromatic look?  What’s you favorite color to wear? 

Outfit Details:
Top: Springfield Shorts: Express Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here) Sunglasses: Style By Girl Bandana: CTM Neon Paisley Bracelet: Arm Candy Hair Tie Bracelet Watch: Michael Kors Nail Lipstick: Nars Schiap Polish: Francesca’s Collections in Always a Bridesmaid