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A fashion blog about weekend style


Lakeside Daisy

Jessica Wagner

 Victorian, Rose Gold Sunshine & Eyelet-White

Victorian Garden Inspired Styling: This post is giving off major vintage-vibes with is high, ruffled collar and long sleeves. A Victorian neckline can be covered up, but is hardly conservative. A high ruffle provides a compelling backdrop to subtle exposed skin (and makes a major statement.) Like your favorite Victorian novel, top it off with a sunhat for added drama.

Keep hair and makeup simple. Accessorize with dainty gold and a summer basket, which will add a fresh, modern element to the vintage-y look.

Earth Mama Musings

Golden hour. It's my favorite. (I'm working towards getting my hair a similar shade to match.)

Life has been really busy lately (oh, you too?) I find myself searching out those quiet moments more, and more. They don't always equal a twilight dance in a hazy field, but when they do, you best believe this mama is game.

We found the most peaceful little spot called Lakeside Daisy, where these wild flowers bloom come the first of May. They are a rare species native to the Great Lakes region, and a spectacular sight come sundown. A pale moon was rising, birds were chirping sunset blues, and there wasn’t another soul so be seen. Talk about feeling free. An amber energy was vibrating. Yellow, the color of sunshine is also known as a symbol of happiness and hope. (I felt like Maria singing in the hills. If this is also your favorite movie ever and the person you aspire to be, we are now best friends.) As we scouted around in the wilderness I was feeling happy. I was feeling at home. I was feeling connected.

Becoming a mom makes you give up a lot of freedoms. Sleeping in. Showering regularly. Getting to eat a full meal to yourself in peace. 

It also provides a new freedom - a freedom in loving another soul as much as you can bear to love. There is SO much freedom in love - by allowing room for the ones we love to be themselves -  by loving them regardless. There is no contract. We are not bound, or tied to give it or receive it. To love fully, is to love despite imperfections.

As mothers (and humans) we constantly giving. We give our time, our energy, our love and care. In seeking balance, it’s so important to receive those gifts back with a grateful heart. I believe in giving as much as receiving. I believe gratitude leads us to joy, and joy inspires us to celebrate.  Anyone else on the hunt for positivity, clarity, energy and joy should seek out and spend time with Mother Nature. She is the ultimate giver. She teaches us to be still. To see the colors in the daisies pushing up through rubble and rock.

It’s such a gift to be able to be a mother. It teaches us that there are in fact no limits.

So today I encourage you to use your freedom to enjoy the quite moments, to reflect. To live life to the absolute max and not worry about what everyone else thinks or what everyone else is doing. To just be, and know you are loved and love-able.

I am happy when I feel free. I am free, because I know how to find the happy.

As we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, I hope you find a way to give that love and care back to your mother and to the Earth, who gives so much to us. Plant a tree. Water a flower. Help life grow. It's the best kind of giving/receiving there is.

Outfit Details:
Top: H&M Lace Blouse Skirt: Forever 21 (also this one here) Shoes: Madewell (similar here) Hat: Anthropologie Melodie Lilac Stripe Straw Sunhat (old, similar here) Bag: Cult Gaia Ark Sunglasses: Old (similar here) Hair: L'Oreal Colorista Pink #200 Lips: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine - 8 Pink In Confidence Nails: Essie Go Go Geisha


Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's!! Enjoy this beautiful weekend and the quite little blessings it bestows for us to share.