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A fashion blog about weekend style


Beauty Inside Out

Jessica Wagner

Work Out Wear

Killer sportswear is great motivation for getting your booty into gear.

You might not put much thought into what you wear when working out, but the more focused physical activities require a specific set of clothing in order to maximize your benefit.

 When in the privacy of your own home, sure, a messy bun, ratty old tee and PJ bottoms suffice, but if you’re planning on going out in public, your appearance requires more attention.

Know your activity’s specifications. Will you be sweating it out indoors or outdoors? What’s the weather like? What type of equipment is it provided?

Whether it’s going out for a quick run, a stop at the local gym or a special fitness class, you want to be prepared.

For example, I practice yoga. (Namaste friends!) In class settings I have my own mat I like bring with me, but borrow other tools that assist with that days’ particular demands. Yoga is an activity you want to be properly attired for. Try doing a downward-facing dog in your skinny jeans. NO BUENO!

Yoga is my favorite form of physical, mental and spiritual exercise. If you are looking for a great place to practice, I highly recommend local yogi studio, Tonic. They welcome students at every level and have a gorgeous state of the art facility that is home to their practice. (And the instructors are the best.) Now, I know some of you hear yoga and roll your eyes, and run for the hills. That’s fine! I’m not trying to convert you, but I am a firm believer in the practice because of what it has done for me. 

Burning healthy energy, whether it’s in the form of yoga, boxing, recreational sports, or on the run, is a requirement. Make time for that zen or mediation, whatever that means to you.

For starters, always carry a water bottle. First and foremost stay hydrated! I’m obsessed with my bkr glass silicone bottle (also from Tonic.) It’s so glam. It seriously changed the way I drink water, plus it’s environmentally friendly.

Next, be sure to wear the right support under your clothing. Women need a bra that is comfortable but also holds things in place. Consider a racerback style for enhanced range of motion, and a v-neck with wide straps for a feminine, yet supportive fit.

As far as sportswear tops and bottoms, it’s really up to you. I like to keep colors basic and usually coordinate. Black and white, hot pink and lime green are my go-tos, but really choose what feels good and motivates you.

On top I like to layer. In the summer months I usually wear a tank layered under a tee.  My tank in this post is made of a dri fit fabric, designed to hug your body and move with you as you stretch and bend. This type of material layers well and it’s breathability keeps you cool.

As for bottoms, I prefer dark colors and usually wear super stretchy leggings.  Sometimes I’ll wear shorts but then again, it depends on the activity. I really fell in love with these Under Amour cold-gear leggings. I wear them in the summer, even though they are meant to perform best in cold weather. They are so comfortable it feels like you don’t have any pants on. (So be careful!) They wick moisture, but also keep you warm.  I have worn these for all types of physical activities and they have yet to fail to live up to expectation.

Keep your hair non-fuss, pulled back and out of your face, unless you want to Beyoncé-out. (You do you!) I also like to dab on an essential oil. Lavender soothes, peppermint refreshes, and patchouli stimulates.

While my outfit in today's post is very basic, the look as a whole combines some of my favorite brands and pieces. Experiment with the athletic labels, as there are endless options and sportswear lines out there right now. Do your research. Know before you purchase if your shoes are meant for running, or light exercise. Making informed decisions will only help you master new moves that much quicker.

Now go break a sweat! I’m the first to admit my workout plan changes from season to season. Try incorporating fun ways to get your blood pumping. Walk the kids to school. Use your lunch break to break a quick sweat. Find a motivator, weather it’s an old school beat, a new cheeky work out tank or an upcoming event. Weddings and vacations seem to be on endless rotation as my main motivator. Reward yourself! (Um, shopping, cupcakes!) Try a new workout playlist, get a cute water bottle, pull your hair into a tomb-raider inspired braid and hit the bricks!

I think by now we all know daily exercise boosts your energy levels, improves your mood and decreases stress. I’m not always on top of my work out game, but I notice a 10-fold difference in my mind, body, and sprit when I make it a priority.

The shock and joy when you start seeing your body make changes is so worth it. Not to mention, ultimate pride when you realize how amazing your body is and everything that it can do for you.

Outfit Details:
Top: Nike Pro Hypercool Dri Fit Tank Sports Bra: Nike Pro Rival Dri-fit High Support Bottoms: Under Armour (similar here) Shoes: Nike Orive Sweatshirt: Tonic Bracelet: Tonic MantraBand Engraved "Namaste" Cuff Water Bottle: bkr Bambi Sheer Bright Pink Glass sold at Tonic