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A fashion blog about weekend style


Arm Candy

Jessica Wagner

The Hair Tie Bracelet

Raise your wrist if you are part of the hair tie club!

Whenever I leave the house, the last thing I (used) put on was a black hair tie around my wrist. As a habit, my long hair usually ends up in a ballerina bun on top of my head to keep it out of the way and under control. No matter what the occasion, the option to change up my hairstyle at the flick of a wrist has always been a part of my outfit.

The issue with elastic hair ties is they don’t look nice on your wrist, especially when you are dressed up for a night out. I had taken to stuffing them in my purse and car council. The search for a spare rubber band can turn ugly (don’t touch that bound up newspaper unless you want to witness rubber eating a healthy chunk of hair.) I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have my car or bag with me (although they do make spacious hair tie containers.)

You can imagine my utter excitement when my new friend and Arm Candy designer Cay introduced me to her minimalist cuff bracelet that also doubles as a hair tie holder. The fusion of fashion and function in one little genius piece makes the organizer in me so happy. It’s a simple stylish solution to the convenience of always wanting a hair tie on hand. (A place for everything and everything in its place, as my mom likes to say!)

Since discovering this clever styling trick, I have put my Arm Candy cuff to use by matching complementing hair ties to my outfits. (See this post, this post and this post.)

You can layer them up, like I did in today’s post, with a playful myriad of colors, or wear with a single hair band. The real beauty of this piece is that it looks just as chic on it’s own or when sporting a hair tie.

Show off your team spirit, add some glitz, or blend cheery prints. You can use any hair tie you like, (not just the one it comes with) which is what makes this accessory so brilliant. 

For this look, I wanted to play off the preppy light pink tennis skirt, (hence the backdrop. No I have never played tennis before, so feel free to make fun of my poor form.) The little skirt pleats remind me of school days, so I paired it with a cashmere varsity style sweater. (A simple cashmere sweater is a closet must-have in my book.) These Zara shoes have become my most favorite this past season, but I will probably be swapping them out soon for these zipped ankle boots (also from Zara) that I’ve been saving my pennies up for.

Arm Candy bracelets are available here in silver or gold. They are adjustable to fit and can hold one or multiple bands. You can also request customized engraving. (Not to mention they make great gifts! Check that of the Christmas list for you OCD types like me already thinking ahead.)

Collegiate to classy, this accessory brings simple elegance to an otherwise ordinary accessory. Shop for yours here and never worry about needing to borrow a hair tie again.

Outfit Details:
Sweater: C&C California Bodysuit: Old (also like this one) Skirt: Forever 21 Pleated Mini (also comes in Olive) Shoes: Zara in black here (similar here) Bag: Olivia + Joy Bracelts: Arm Candy (Follow their Facebook page here and Insta page here) Watch: Michael Kors Sunglasses: Brand Unknown Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle Nails: Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

A special thank you to Arm Candy Hair Tie Bracelets for partnering on this post!