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Whiten For the Weekend

Jessica Wagner


Smile Brilliant: Teeth Whitening At Home For Sensitive Teeth

Hey guys! I am so excited to share this post - I am literally - ALL SMILES -  and I want you to be too! So be sure to enter to win a FREE Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit at the end of this post!!

You might remember me talking about receiving my teeth whitening system compliments of Smile Brilliant during the holidays. Well today I am here to share my experience and brilliant results.



First, let me tell you guys I love to smile - and I am a toothy smile-er. I’ve always had a big grin. The kind that eats up your eyes and fills your whole mouth. While I’ve figured out how to tone it down a bit when I need to, the one aspect of my toothy twinkle I don’t want to downplay is the brightness of my teeth.

That being said, I find a smile one of the first things I notice about a person. A set of pearly whites can add instant charm. Bring on a big tooth gap, a cute overbite and off-track teeth -all which I find adorable- as long as they aren’t stained and yellow. Right?! I personally don’t think teeth need to be perfectly straight to be attractive. If anything, a unique mouth will set you apart (enter weakness for dimples and crooked smiles – cough cough Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us!) What I do think can make a big impression, in a great way is a megawatt sparkly grin. And I am here to tell you I myself am guilty of not maintaining this aspect of self-care.

The last time I truly hard-core whitened my teeth was over 7 years ago before our wedding. I knooooww. That’s a long time. Back then I knew was going to be in the spotlight, and avidly used Crest White Strips with decent results. I loved my whiter teeth, hated the sensitivity. While I know technology has advanced, I feel like this is a big reason I haven’t really whitened my teeth again for so long.

Over the last few of years I have picked up a box of strips here or there, and usually split them with Rob, or just let them sort of sit in the bathroom drawer.

Like every other woman out there I LOVE my coffee and red wine (and rosé), but I don’t love the stains they leave behind on my teeth, so I could really use an upgrade. I told Smile Brilliant to set me up to achieve a couple shades lighter when it comes time to smile.

STEP 1: Choose Your Whitening Plan.

You will want to choose the right system for you. Smile Brilliant has number of sensitivity options and kits at a variety of price points.

I choose the “T3 Sensitive System (Custom-Fitted Trays + 3 Whitening & Desensitizing Gel Syringes.)”

After placing you order, you will then receive your kit, and follow the directions to create your custom teeth whitening trays with their putty. I found their explanation super easy to follow. It took me abut 20 minutes to make your dental impressions and was able to ship my molds back to them the same week!

They let you know ahead of time, it can take up to two weeks to receive your trays back, just so you are aware. I quickly received my custom fitting trays and started using them immediately.

Even if your teeth are crooked (like mine) these trays will still work for you because they are custom fit to your mouth. They are made to fit your teeth perfectly. Every nook and cranny in your smile is cast into the clay mold that you send back to Smile Brilliant. So whether your teeth are straight or not, your tray is custom fitted to your mouth, meaning the whitening gel will touch every part of your teeth.

STEP 2: Whiten While You… (Fill In The Blank)

Basically these trays are amazing you guys! I love that they are clear - making them almost invisible. I can wear them while I get ready. I am a busy mama, and if you guys are like me you have 100+ things going on, so I found that using my trays after I showered was my best routine.

Honestly at first, the hardest part for me was remember to use them! I was so excited when my trays arrived. I used them and then promptly forgot about them. Given it was the week before Christmas, so chaos was rampant in the Wagner household. Knowing I wanted fast results and that I wanted to be able to share my story, I decided to make whitening part of my daily routine. I wanted to get quick results to be able to make a big impact, not juts a slight difference over time.


Since then I have worn my trays out shopping, and running the kids around town, while working at the coffee shop, and at night binge watching season 2 of The Crown (OMG it’s sooo good!) I have actually showered with them on (which I don’t recommend because I kept getting water in my mouth - but hey you do what you have to do!) I found whitening during the day after breakfast or in the evening after the kids were in bed the best for my schedule.

They are a little awkward, but not uncomfortable. I just felt like they made my lips puff out a little bit. So if you feel weird wearing them out, remember you can be working on that “smize” while working on your smile! I love this whitening kit. Also, you aren’t supposed to eat/drink after using the desensitizing gel for ½ an hour so keep that in mind!

Wearing my custom Smile Brilliant trays.

Tips For Best Results:

Smile Brilliant recommends you wear your trays for 45 minutes -  3 hours. I usually wore mine about an hour because I would get hungry or thirsty. So if you are trying to make a habit out of wearing them, work around your eating schedule. (#priorities)

If you get the kit with the desensitizing gel, (you wear that for 15 minutes after you whiten) it says to avoid eating/drinking for another ½ hour after that! So I am the type of person who eats little meals all day and this was a challenge for me. I drink water like it’s my J-O-B so I would get thirsty and they usually triggered me to realize, ok time to take these out.

If you have sensitive teeth, get the gel! It worked wonders for me. The first use I had really intense sensitivity in my front lower teeth, like a sharp pain but that was the only time. Not sure why, but I used the desensitizing gel after that and I haven’t had any other issues. I also would stick to every other day use to avoid sensitivity.


The biggest problem I’ve run into with whitening in the past was sensitivity and uneven whitening. Like any whitening system, I did experience some sensitivity, even with the desensitizing gel. Mostly on the bottom teeth in the middle. I made it a point to go lighter with the gel in that area. I had no problems with uneven whitening. 

I totally plan to continue using my whitening trays once a week for maintenance {and to hide all the coffee // wine I drink!) Also, if I know I have a big event coming up, I will probably use my whitening trays a couple days leading up to the event for an even brighter smile.

I am loving my whiter smile and how quickly I saw results! Like I said, it was a little tricky to keep on a strict routine over the holidays, but now that we have structure back in our days, I’m finding it easier to maintain use.

The best part?! Now my smile is weekend ready!


Here are my before and after results. If you want a kit for yourself, Smile Brilliant is offering a 15% off site wide coupon with code: weekenderafashionfieldguide15


Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to give one lucky winner a chance to win a teeth whitening kit of their own!! The winner will be selected by Smile Brilliant, just click here or the link below!
(Open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents. Giveaway closes 3-10-18).

This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.
All opinions are 100% my own. 

Review: HOME DNA Skincare Report

Jessica Wagner

Beauty + Science = Skincare Made Easy

When Home DNA Skincare Analysis + Report reached out to me, promising to make skincare easy, they immediately had my attention. 

Long have I battled monthly breakouts and an overwhelmed feeling at trying new skincare products. Most of the time, I’m down to try to whatever a magazine, blogger, or beauty store sales clerk, would recommend - only to be let down. I know I am prone to oily/combination skin and I wear my sunscreen like a saint, but that’s about as far as my personal skincare knowledge goes! 

My Current Skincare Routine

As for a daily routine? I use a simple cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I aim to wash my face twice a day (which doesn’t always happen.) Lately, I have been using a more expensive nighttime retinol oil which I love. I tend to switch up products when one runs one. (Ok, all the time, for the good or bad of it! I'll call it like it is: I am a skincare/beauty junkie.)

Which really tells me I am not confident in my current skincare choices. I would love to regularly see a dermatologist, but it’s just not in the budget. Home DNA Skincare is another option to better skin health, through scientific results.

Beauty starts with healthy skin

I’ve been searching for that golden combo. (You too?!) While I love trying new beauty items, tools, or even procedures, (Birch Box is one monthly beauty subscription I use to try new products!) I really don’t give too much thought to my skincare, except lately, realizing as I am getting older, my skin just may require a little more TLC.

There are so many skincare options out there, but as I am looking at skincare differently now, being in my early 30s I can no long can rely on the fountain of youthful skin.

The secret to great skin?

It’s in your own DNA!

My at-home skincare DNA kit results are in, and I am so happy I now understand more about what my skin is trying to tell me. This is such a sweet marriage of beauty and science!

Some of you might remember a few weeks ago when I talked about receiving a DNA test kit, and how easy it was to use.

Today I am going to be sharing my personal skin analysis report with you, and exploring how anyone can use skin DNA results to get the most out of their skincare.

Where can you purchase a HOME DNA kit?

The HOME DNA kit for skin care testing is sold at CVS, as well as The kit only requires a few swabs on the inside of your cheek to unlock the key to your own results and youthful, beautiful, healthy skin!

How does the Skin Care Analysis + Report work?

I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first. How will DNA testing help me with my skin? I was worried it was some sort of trick to get me to buy a specific skincare line. NO! In fact, all you need to do is purchase a kit, swab your cheek, and mail in your sample envelop to the lab for testing. In 2-3 weeks you will have a full skin analysis report online and at your fingertips! I was totally blown away with what my unique genetic make-up was able to reveal. It’s really a personalized guide based my DNA for building a complete customized skincare regimen.

Will a DNA Skincare Analysis + Report help achieve healthier skin?

The report has given me insight to so many factors that contribute to overall skin health as well as predicting how my skin will age. An individual report will make recommendations on how to combat specific skin issues. (I’m already counting up the money I will save by not buying products that I no longer need!) Every analysis includes a summary of the best topical ingredients, supplements and professional treatments that can help achieve younger-looking, skin.

7 Skincare Categories

Results are in-depth and easy to read (mine shared at the link below!) and cover the following areas of concern:

  1. Fine Lines, Wrinkles
  2. Collagen Quality
  3. Skin Sensitivity
  4. Pigmentation
  5. Sun protection
  6. Skin elasticity
  7. Skin antioxidants

***All results are kept protected and confidential, and your final test results are posted to your secure online account. The genetic profiling is done by a team of scientific experts and PHDs at DNA Diagnostics Center (DCC) one the worlds largest and most respected DNA testing laboratories.

My Results

My full DNA skincare report is linked here!!

It's so cool to see some of the higher risk-areas I should be aware of. I also feel like I need to write mom and dad a thank you note for handing down what seems to be a pretty decent genetic skincare "score."

It's 11 pages long, but full of good information! I won't get into the nitty gritty of how I plan to implement my results, being they are specific to me, but I will be looking into ways to use vitamin C and E, and I am totally going to be working upping my skin's antioxidants (to give a one sentence condensed version of what I found the most helpful!) 

When it comes to the areas of most concern, I still need to take my results and do my own research as to what products contains the topical ingredients or supplements recommended. 

Final Thoughts

The insight from my results has allowed me to take better care of my skin day to day. It has also helped me to make better decisions on what skincare products I should (and should not) purchase.

The only hiccup I encountered was the results say they take two weeks and mine took a little longer, which wasn't a big deal on my end.  

I would recommend this tool to anyone looking to take skincare into their own hands! At Home DNA skincare + Analysis Report eliminates the guesswork

It's really amazing to see which areas of skincare you are most at risk, and in turn take that knowledge and treat your skin yourself! And here I thought a glass of red wine a night was all it took!   


What are you biggest concerns when it comes to skincare? Do you have any secrets when it comes to finding the right products? I would love to hear in the commets below!

Lash Boost

Jessica Wagner

How To: Longer, Natural-Looking Eyelashes

Minimalism has taken the fashion world by storm, and that fresh, modern, simplistic style has carried over into the world of beauty.

I’m personally mission to perfect the “no-makeup - makeup look.”  What I’ve discovered is it’s way more high-maintenance than it seems! I love the idea though. (Especially on these hot, humid days when you layer on foundation and mascara end up slowing sliding down your face!)  

So, where does one start? For me, its all about lips and eyes.

Minimal lips can be pulled off with a little exfoliating and a swipe of shine. (I’ve been using this all summer and I am obsessed! It’s super moisturizing and offers protection from the sun.)

So what about naturally, bigger, brighter looking eyes?

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyelashes are the curtains, and I want my soul-shades supple and lush!

Let’s talk options: falsies, extensions and boosting serums.


Pros: Inexpensive, Immediate effect

Cons: Not as natural looking, Requires time/precise application

I am notoriously terrible at applying fake eyelashes. You can always see the clumpy glue, they end up un-even when I try to trim them down, and they usually irritate my sensitive eyes. I am a contact lens wearer and have allergies year round like it’s my job. The last thing I need is another element making such a sensitive area red, puffy, angry, or irritated looking. Maybe with more practice, but in the end I just don’t think I have the time or patience to perfect this technique.

Lash Extensions:

Pros: Natural-looking, Immediate effect (No mascara needed!)

Cons: Expensive, Last 3-4 weeks, High-Maintenance

While I am totally open to trying these out, from what I have researched/ heard from friends, is they are expensive and super high-maintenance. These are totally appealing in that fact that there is an immediate result upon application, longer, thicker lashes. I also have heard application can take up to 3 hours!!! (Who has that kind of time?!) Maybe the process is improving, but after that… I am sort of freaked out by them. I heard you can’t rub your eyes and must sleep on your back! Also how long will they really last... I can’t imagine spending all that time (and money $$$) only to have them last a couple weeks before needing maintained/replaced.


Pros: Easy to apply, low-maintenance

Cons: Only lasts while using the serum, takes 6-8 weeks to see results

I’ve been an eyelash-batter since can remember. Not in the flirty come-hither kind of way – in the my-contacts-are-dry and I need to blink every couple seconds kind of way.

That being said, I’ve been hesitant to use the above eyelash options in fear of them having a negative effect on my already sensitive eyes. Since I already have dark lashes, I am after achieving volume and length.

So what’s a lash-batting girl to do? To me, this is the best option and here’s how I deiced to give a serum a try.

I was with my friend Hannah (amazing gal who also runs Top Knot Boutique – check out this post here) and I could not stop staring at her gorgeous lashes! So I had to ask – real or fake babe?? When Hannah told me real - my mouth literally dropped. Hannah said she has been using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost for the last 10 weeks. No doubt, I immediately called up my R+F consultant Jill to order some for myself. That’s how amazing Hannah’s eyelashes looked! Jill filled me in on the serum and I want to share what I’ve learned so far with you.

R + F Lash Boost is an eyelash conditioning serum clinically shown to visibly enhance eyelash volume and length in just 4 weeks, (I can attest to that already, as you will see below!) with best results at around 8 weeks. It’s silly-easy to use and requires little maintenance except you HAVE to apply it EVEY night! No skipping! (It’s actually also made me better about my nightly skin care routine! Bonus!!.)

Here’s the run down:

-Before bed wash your face like normal. You want your lashes clean and dry.

-Take the serum, (which comes in a mascara-like tube) and yield the wand/application brush so you can glide it along the upper lash line of both eyes (like you would with eyeliner but only on the lash-line where they meet the lid, but avoiding the actual lid.) Dip the brush once per eye and wipe off any excess! Go to sleep! That’s basically it!!!


So how does it work?

Enhancements Lash Boost serum moisturizes, nourishes and protects lashes, which promotes flexibility and resilience. ***Avoid getting the serum in your actual eye though! And do not share this product with other people --germs guys. Plus you can also use this stuff on you r eyebrows! So Cool.

A consistent routine is the key to fast results; so don’t do what I did! Which is start the treatment, and forget to bring it with you on vacation. I started usuing the serum at the end of June for a couple weeks and was religious… until I wasn’t. I left it at home while we were away over the 4th of July! (SOB!)




 4 Weeks, (No mascara)


I took the photo above showing use of a combined (but not consistent) 4 weeks. (So much for keeping things scientific, ay.) Anyways, my goal is to use Lash Boost for the next 4 weeks and share with you the end results!

The only thing to remember, like other eye-enhancement options, is this is not a permanent effect. Once you achieve your desired length/appearance, you need to continue with Lash Boost to maintain your lush, longer-looking lashes! 

I can honesty say after using Lash Boost for the past few weeks, my lashes have never felt healthier. The best way I can describe it, is they feel strong. (Which something, since having kids they have felt rather brittle.) Rob actually thought I had mascara on for this photo, when in fact I am au natural! When I do apply a coat, they look rather doll-like, which I has been my goal. 


Now, for the best part!!!!

My R + F Consultant Jill is offering a 20% off discount to anyone who wants to try Lash Boost along with me! All you have to say is you read about R+F Lash Boost on my blog and give her a follow on instagram @jillcalo!

If you have any questions, I’m happy to share more on my journey and Jill is an incredible R + F expert. I can't wait to share my final results in a few more weeks, so stay tuned for a Lash Boost update! (Plus a run-down of my favorite mascaras!)


Are any of you thinking of getting lash extensions? Or have you already been there, done that? Would you try a serum? Any tips on applying falsies?! Details, please!