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A fashion blog about weekend style


Global Day of Discovery - Renaissance Toledo

Jessica Wagner

Navigator Dinner: Exploring the Glass City

 Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel

Last week Rob and I got to experience the Glass City like never before, during the Marriott International Renaissance Hotels Seventh Annual Global Day of Discovery.

Toledo's Renaissance was chosen as one of the spotlight hotels along with Bali, Paris, and New York. So proud of this city! 

The worldwide celebration is open to global guests and local residents. Created to encourage travelers to discover the hidden gems that give neighborhoods their soul, from underground art, to exotic local cuisine. Inspired by the idea that Renaissance Hotels can set the scene for the spontaneous to unfold - inviting guests to go off-script and experience the unexpected.

Off-script is my kind of night! I live for those moments of surprise and delight! The Renaissance delivered. 

We had been told guests would experience an immersive dinner, paying homage to Toledo's history as the glass capital of the world. What we didn't expect was the sweet memories we would make and take with us. 

As you entered the lobby, you were met with a variety of local eats and artists - both the heart of the city of Toledo. We hit up the Swatch Studios photo booth, sipped some Toledo Spirits, oooh-ed and awww-ed at the acrobats and enjoyed the live music. The event was open to the public, and you could feel the creative energy!

The Navigator's Dinner took place on the rooftop - which literally elevated the experience! From the cityscape views, to the glassblowing demonstrations - it was feast for the eyes! The tablesetting menus were made of glass and served as our memento from the night. The hotel’s executive chef, Aaron Lawson, partnered with Gathered Glassblowing Studio to put on a show - literally cooking the 12 course meal with glass! 2,000-degree molten glass and various techniques were used to serve up the most creative (and mouth-watering) meal. 

It was all things divine dah-ling! Each plate was an experience in itself. I am a sucker for a pretty presentation - some of the flower garnishes were almost* too pretty to eat! My favorite might have been the elderflower oysters (seen above.) The warm breeze and pink haze sunset added to the amber-atmosphere. It was enough to transport you to an other-worldly time and place. Not to mention the steady flow of libations - if you know me, you know I am always down for a cocktail!

More than food and drink, what I crave is good conversation! I love making new friends, and sat with the sweetest journalist from USA Today (she was visiting from Chicago and brought her puppies along! Any hotel that is pet friendly deserves an A++ in my book!) and met a design historian who reminded me of Charlotte from SATC! It was a fun table. World travelers, Toledo-proud locals, and some hip social medias influencers rounded out the scene and added to the glow of the night. 

Grace Liang - Color and Grace

The evening ended with a 3-D projection on the hotel front showing off some of the artistry of glassblowing. It was larger than life!

I know I've said it before, but if you haven't been you need to go and check out the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel! Book a night! (You deserve it!) Stop in for a cocktail or have a delectable meal at one of their restaurants. If you book a room, tell them Jess from The Weekender sent you (and you might end up with a bottle of rosé!)

Make sure you are following Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel on social media! They have a top-notch Navigator (QUEEN!) who has fabulous events planned all summer long! 

Spring Hair Inspiration

Jessica Wagner

Un-Done Sugar Buns

I woke up Saturday in need of a breath of fresh air - literally. I asked Rob to pick up some flowers {and donuts} which always brighten the mood. These frosty spring days have cast a dull ache for warmer weather that's growing hard to ignore. I can't remember the last time we were able to play outdoors! The sun was shining, and the birds were chirping but it was COLD. It's been averaging the 30s here, which has me longing for the beauty of a blossoming field. On the bright side, no winter lasts forever. No spring skips it's turn.

So, here's an easy way to bring spring to you! Gather up some fresh baby blooms, slip on a white dress and twist your tresses into some un-done sugar buns Princess Leia would be proud of.

Second day hair for me usually ends up in a braid, but if you are looking for a new take on the classic cinna-bun/space-bun style, keep them loose-goosey with lots of wispy baby-hairs. 

To create this look, start with a middle part. Use your fingers instead of a comb so it's not too "perfect." I teased mine to add some volume. I found keeping the hair held gently and twisting towards the face created a soft messy feel. Hold your sugar buns together with a few strategically placed bobby pins. Face- slimming and better yet, only require a few minutes. It's a romantic do that looks effortless and ridiculously cute.

My favorite place to capture a whimsical look is an open field at golden hour. Rob being the flyboy artist that he is, created dreamy golden light indoors. With The Lumineers playing in the background, I felt like I could be in an open field twirling in circles plucking wild flowers to my heart's delight.

If you are ready for spring, pick up some flowers and try out un-done sugar buns. These twin twists are guaranteed - cute hair. When it finally warms up - we'll be ready!

Custom "It" Accessory

Jessica Wagner

Create Your Custom Phone -Case App
{Plus Giveaway!}

I love a distinct and durable phone case, and Case App has a ton of darling options at affordable prices. The best part? You can design and customize your own case! 

I've teamed up with Case App to giveaway 1 free phone cases or laptop skin of your choice! The giveaway is international, just head to my instagram page HERE, be sure to follow me and CaseApp, and tag a friend in the comments! ***For an extra entry, tell me funny story about a time you dropped/lost/damaged your cell phone. (Come on, we've all been there! Hopefully we can all laugh about it!)***

Case App is also offering a 20% off discount code to all my followers! Use 20JESSICA at check out! {Code expires 3-16-18.}

Sometimes you just can't decide - marble or tropical banana leaves? Haha. So I got both! The neutral marble and blush pink go with everything. I like the simplicity of the design. (Plus it looks super chic in my coffee latte /phone case flat lays!) The palm leaves are more quirky. Fashion-forward for spring (spring-break anyone?!) and I can be sure not to confuse my cell phone with anyone else!

Case App is a super cool company out of Sweden that lets you design you own custom phone case or laptop skins. They have options for all phone carrier styles, and have a ton of exclusive pre-designed artwork to choose from! I love that you can add a quote, a sentimetel photo or make a statement with whatever imagery you want to your case. Maybe you rep your own personal brand! The sky is the limit.

When I upgraded my phone a few months ago, I also needed a new cover and chose one based on cuteness. It was protective, but unfortunately made of a cheaper martial that ended with chips, dents, nicks and scratches. If you are like me, you phone is your constant companion, and puts up in a battlefield of precious situations. Enter: little kids. (Is there anything more dangerous? Ok maybe a drunk person. Probably a new cell phone's worst enemy besides the toilet.) I often find myself in this strange circus act of being out and juggling my phone at the store or wherever, probably checking off a some sort of list and usually end up doing the slip/grab with the tips of my fingers. I also drop mine on my face in bed allllll the time. (Most dangerous for the face I believe.)  

Anyways, for me my phone is my personal assistant - keeping my lists, and keeping me on task. It's my connection to the world on social and lifeline to my loved ones, just a text or call away. I also find it most used for the camera, capturing all of life's little moments. Big and small. Just a back-pocket away. 

I've been using my marble cover from Case App for about a month now, and it has the softest silicone-like feel and between all the abuse - it does not have a single dent or chip (and if you can tell, I drop my phone all the time.) 

When designing your own case, you can chose between a glossy or matte finish. I adore the matte finish! It's so smooth (not at all gummy.) The high quality makes them resistant to scratches and chips. I also like the slim fit design, a phone can be bulky enough on it's own. I have the iPhone 7 plus and Rob makes fun of by big screen but I personally love it! 

The fashion side of me knows accessories can elevate an outfit. This might be one accessory you don't think about, but carry everywhere and have out on display. (You know it's bound to show up in those mirror selfies at some point!) Phones are used to send messages, but they can also send a message about your personality. Go with something distinctly you! 

Right now, Case App is offering a 20% off discount code to all my followers! Use 20JESSICA at check out! {Code expires 3-16-18.}

A special thank you to Case App for partnering on this post!